Jeffrey I. Moore runs his motivational blog at: http://everydaypowerblog.com

He wanted us to speed up his blog and to improve its page rank.

Our amazing and professional team not only bought his blogs Google PageSpeed score to 99%, but also increased the WordPress website load speed, loading it at almost 1 second.

Final Screenshot

Check the screenshot of gtmetrix.com test result for everydaypowerblog.com

99% pagespeed score for everydaypowerblog.com

Performance Scores

Check the PageSpeed score and Yslow score for the site too!

This had a huge impact on his blogs google ranking as well as visitors bounce rate due to a fast loading website, increasing his adsense income!

Page details

Please note that the total page size was huge! It had numerous images and thumbnails along with various javascript files, leading to increased size and huge number of requests. However our team optimized the code to defer loading of javascript files and images, etc. to reduce not only the number of connections but also the total page size for the blog.

Check this image to see where we started from:

before optimizing the site for speed and pagespeed


His words after the task was completed are a motivation for us. He said:

I have been using Fiverr for YEARS and this gig I ordered to speed up my site was the overall best experience so far. Professional. fast and most importantly effective. My site now runs under 1 second! Thanks bro!!

As you noticed, Jeffrey contacted us through fiverr and is now our regular client.

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