HappilyNaturalDay team had a great website but lacked performance on it.

The WordPress based site was on a shared hosting and was extremely slow! Up to 12.6 seconds for homepage load!

They wanted us to speed up the site so that it’s pagespeed rank can improve too while the bounce rate can be reduced.

Our professional team of developers not only increased his Google PageSpeed score to 96% but also enhanced the overall performance of the site, making it load with in almost 1.4 seconds.

Final Screenshot

Check the screenshot of gtmetrix.com test result for happilynaturalday.com

96% pagespeed score for happilynaturalday-com

Performance Scores

Check the PageSpeed score and Yslow score for the site too!

The improved scores have a huge impact on the ranking of the site in Google while also decreasing the bounce rate, resulting in more engaging and returning traffic.

Page details

The page size was above 3 mb and had a lot of files being loaded, along with disturbed and low Google PageSpeed score.

We not only reduced site number of files, but also increased overall performance of the site and its PageSpeed.

Check this image to see where we started from:

82% pagespeed score for happilynaturalday-com

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