Cloudfront Origin Pull Configuration

Amazon cloudfront is one of the largest CDN (content delivery network) used world wide. Although it does has its pros and cons, but that’s beyond the scope of this article. This post enlists important confguration points to have optimum settings for amazon cloudfront. Enable HTTP & HTTPS both These settings allow amazon cloudfront to get […]

Cloudflare – Benefits and Uses

Cloudflare is a wonder service that improves the site speed a lot. However many people doesn’t know the main purpose of this service for which it was created, security! Yes, Cloudflare was created to protect your website, and while trying to do that, it increased the speed of your website too by providing cache and […]

Amazon Cloudfront – benefits and uses

Amazon Cloudfront is a content delivery network by amazon. Commonly it’s thought that a cdn is supposed to dramatically increase the speed of your site, however that’s not always true. It’s bit more complicated than that and I’ll try to explain how and why. Amazon cloudfront usage is very common with various types of websites, […]